Sensual Body to Body Massage

An erotic nude massage using oil & hot towel. Guaranteed to relieve any tension. (Tips included)

60 Min $175
30min $120

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Sensual massage is far beyond normal massage and it has been practiced by kings and queens, as well as commoners, since ancient times. It has developed into an art that promotes passion and love, and makes them grow. It has been practiced for ages in many cultures and lands, from the Aztecs to the Egyptians, from India to China, and from the Celtics to the Greeks.

Sensual massage provides many benefits to people who practice it. It greatly strengthens the bond they share, and makes their relationship much more rewarding.

It is essential to remember that sensual massage is not the massage you know. Sensual massage involves more than merely kneading and pressing the muscles and joints.

Sensual massage is a total experience. It is a unique combination of environment, preparation and pressure points. Sensual massage is beyond what is merely physical, and is more like a mystical experience that transcends reality.

Once you learn about how to touch and where to touch, you and your partner can reach a different level of physical and emotional awareness!

Experts say that sensual massage starts playfully, but ends up as something that enhances the union between the partners.

The benefits of sensual massage

A physical therapist can give you a massage that will relieve you of your joint and muscle pains, but sensual massage is much more than that, and can only be given by a loved one.

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